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Have you been considering new construction but don't know where to start? Our team has extraordinary connections, extensive experience, fantastic lenders & builders. We're highly experienced in land development & interior design. We even have a licensed General Contractor & an agent with a degree in Construction Estimation on our team who can help advise. We can find land, connect you to the right builders & ensure you're taken care of contract to close for your new Charlotte home.

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If you're wondering if you even need an agent for new construction...there are so many reasons the answer is YES. Our team is extremely experienced with luxury, custom and production construction. We know the builders and they know us. We know the pitfalls and questions to ask. We have the lenders and ability to help you navigate the entire process. We know about upcoming communities and properties that may not even be on the market.

Our Team is uniquely qualified to assist you in your new construction process:

Jack Trouten is our NC/SC licensed commercial builder and licensed Realtor. While he doesn't build for our clients, he's available  as a great advisor and consultant on renovation projects, material questions, site planning. He also helps manage our inspection reports & repair requests. He walks every construction project and attends inspections.

Vicki Ford owned her own custom construction business before getting into real estate full time. She knows the pitfalls & questions you should be asking.

Kim Trouten’s background is interior design, architectural planning and land development. Her specialty is custom luxury.

Zack Howard has his master's degree in construction. 

What more could you need?

Is it time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do? Or perhaps you need solid advice on what to do next? We know how to make that happen.

Know you're partnering with a team who knows exactly what they're doing.

Results we’ll help you get!

Have a top team of skilled support staff to answer all your questions & get what you need done.


Experience consistent follow up and follow through. Strategic negotiating. Real advice. 


Know that you’ve got design & construction experience & savvy advocates alongside.


Build with the understanding you chose the best team to help you reach your goal!


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